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Renovations Lechtal 2023

Last month, a motivated team of volunteers went to the Lechtal to take care of some of our accommodations!


Every year our winter and summer groups get the opportunity to give their opinion on how their trip went, and where we can improve.

It is not only fun for a group to share their experience, but for JEKA it is also a unique opportunity to find out where the pain points are in our organization.

Receiving feedback is of course only useful if something is actually done with it, and so our work team went to the Lechtal in October for the first renovation of our accommodations.

The team consisted of a combination of employees from Asse and a large number of motivated volunteers. We say it often, but not often enough: our volunteers are heroes!

One is very good at painting walls, the other is very handy in carpentry, and there are also many that can be used for all kinds of jobs.

Which works were planned? Some walls received a new coat of paint, the stairs in certain lodgings were sanded, some water pipes were checked, wall tiles were installed in the showers, and a new floor was laid in several rooms.

The entire team worked hard for ten days to ensure that our first groups can arrive for a ski holiday in a renovated and clean accommodation!

All that hard work yielded a result that every member of the work team can be more than proud of!

During their time in Austria week there was also reason for celebration!

Leo was able to celebrate his birthday in the Lechtal, and of course that included cake! Congratulations again, Leo!

Such an amount of effort naturally also requires a portion of relaxation.

In our opinion, this is only right, cheers!

Want to stay informed about future renovation works

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