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Our Values

"To realise its social commitment, JEKA opts for the strategy of "participatory travel".".

By working with volunteers as much as possible

Both in day-to-day operations and at the destination, we work with volunteers as much as possible to provide the groups with everything they need. JEKA wants to be involved in the volunteers' stay by constantly seeking a good balance between their free time and the tasks they have to perform for the groups. In return, we expect volunteers to contribute to the well-being of our groups through the tasks they are assigned

By offering a comprehensive package for all types of groups outside our target group

By choosing to travel with JEKA, you contribute financially to the organisation of our target group's trips so that everyone can travel around the world. Whether you are a company, a sports club, a leisure club, a group of friends or something else, you can count on JEKA to organise tailor-made trips. Our travel offer perfectly matches the standards of the Belgian tourism market. The trips you take with us offer you the pleasure of discovering the most beautiful places in the world while supporting JEKA groups financially. We translate this into the slogan "Your trip offers other(er) perspectives".

By participating in the lives of local communities at the destination

JEKA also aims to be socially and economically involved at the destination, by promoting the contribution of local suppliers and employees. This helps develop the local economy and enables us to organise more sustainable trips....

By developing eco-responsible participation

In fulfilling its mission, JEKA is constantly looking to improve the way it operates to minimise its social and environmental impact. On the one hand, by ensuring that the association is fully self-financing, on the other, by continuing to organise more environmentally responsible trips and by applying this philosophy to its overall operation.



Who is Jeka?

JEKA asbl is a non-profit organisation that aims to facilitate the organisation of sustainable trips for groups of young people and/or people with specific needs, to give everyone a real perspective of discovering new horizons, other cultures and themselves.

Our Vision

A non-profit organisation founded in 1960, the association has always believed that a group of people, and indeed our entire society, can take care of themselves in anything, as long as the right facilitators are available.
participatieve reizen

Our Mission

JEKA wishes to be able to be that facilitator, for any group, from the moment any of the following obstacles arise in the regular organisation of a trip:
a financial disability
a physical disability
a psychological, mental or cognitive impairment
a special medical treatment need
a lack of experience
a lack of logistical ability
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