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Our Mission

JEKA strives to be a facilitating force for any group faced with the challenges of organising regular trips.


We strive to create a supportive environment for our volunteers, so that they can turn their time and commitment into meaningful contributions for these various groups. We are also committed to minimising the social and environmental impact of our trips and to promoting social inclusion by making trips accessible to a wide range of

participants. JEKA believes in the power of community and creating positive change through inclusive and sustainable travel experiences.

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Who is Jeka?

JEKA asbl dreams of a world where travel is not only a discovery for the individual, but also a bridge between cultures and a contribution to sustainability.

Our vision is based on the belief that travel is a powerful tool for promoting understanding, respect and solidarity between diverse communities.

At JEKA vzw, we believe that travel is not just about personal development, but can also have a positive impact on the world around us.

Our Vision

JEKA vzw is committed to offering meaningful travel experiences that go beyond the traditional tourist experience.


Our mission is to make travel accessible to all types of groups, including youth organisations, schools, disability organisations, family groups and pensioners.


As an organisation, we work with a team of enthusiastic volunteers who believe in the power of travel to bring about positive change.


At JEKA asbl, we strive to act in a sustainable and eco-responsible manner, respecting the environment and the local communities of our destinations.


Our trips are designed to give participants the opportunity to discover the life and culture of local people, in a spirit of mutual understanding and respect.


By combining the power of volunteering, local engagement and environmental responsibility, JEKA asbl aims to have a positive impact on both the travellers and the communities we visit.


Together, we aspire to a world where travel contributes to improving relationships between people, fostering social integration and preserving our beautiful planet for future generations.


Our history

JEKA was founded in 1960 with the sole aim of offering young Belgians the opportunity to travel abroad. The adventure began with a few houses in the Austrian valley of Lechtal, in the Tyrol region.


Almost 65 years later, JEKA, without any subsidies, has become a European organisation with foreign branches and activities in more than 10 different countries.


Every year, more than 10,000 young people go on a JEKA trip with their school, youth movement or association.


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