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While the rolling hills and endless vistas of the Lake District are ideal for a cycling or walking holiday, Central Jutland is also a dream destination for groups with younger members.

Visit Denmark's longest river, highest mountain and largest lake in one holiday? Can be arranged! It is not for nothing that the lake area (Søhøjlandet) is one of the most popular regions of Central Jutland. Nowhere in Denmark will you find so much greenery and so much water in one location. Add to that typical Danish towns and villages such as Silkeborg, Skanderborg, Ry, Gjern and Truust and you have a wonderful and easily accessible holiday destination for youth groups!

Copenhagen, the capital of this beautiful country, is located in the far east of the country, so it is recommended to plan a visit to this city as a two-day trip!


Denmark - Jutland


Periods of 10 days between July 2 and August 12

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