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Hungary - Viségrad


Deathride, Caving, Adventure courses, Climbing

Canoeing, Water park, Swimming pool, River

Paintball, Hungarian evening, 2 days to Dobogoko, Hiking... 

To Visit

The capital Budapest

The artists' village Szentendre, Esztergom and its basilica

The fort of Viségrad and the medieval games, ... 


Prices and periods

  • Transportation as from the Belgian soil  • Private accommodation • Food deliveries • 24-hour service on site
  • Cancellation insurance • Coverage of the guarantee fund


Days Departure Return Price p.p.
Tue 04/07 Sat 15/07 € 514
Thu 13/07 Mon 24/07 € 514
Sat 22/07 Wed 02/08 € 514
Mon 31/07 Fri 11/08 € 514
Wed 09/08 - sur demande Sun 20/08 - sur demande on request
Fri 18/08 - sur demande Tue 29/08 - sur demande on request

Discount for all transportation by own means:
 - € 115 p.p.

Our packages include the outward and return trip by bus, as from the Belgian soil. Please respect the arrival and departure dates if you wish to arrange your own full transportation. JEKA offers a discount for those who plan to use other means of transportation for the outward and return journey.  This discount varies depending on the destination you choose, ask your travel consultant for details.

Discounts for children:

  • Children between 2 and 8 years old(*) : 
    - 50% on the price per person.
  • Children under 2 years (*) : 
    free of charge

(*) on the day of departure.

Standard discounts:

As from 15 paying persons (**), one free for every 10 persons i.e. 16th, 22nd,33rd, 44th, ....

( **children under 8 years old are not counted) 

The bigger the group, the bigger the advantage:

+50 people:    
1 freebie in addition to the standard volume discount.

100+ people:  
2 freebies in addition to the standard volume discount.

+ 150 people:  
3 freebies in addition to the standard volume discount.


Early booking:       - € 20 p.p.

  • Book until 20/04/2021 for a group of min. 15 persons for a camp in 2023.
  • Pay a deposit of € 75 p.p. ( € 230 for air travel) or subscribe to a savings plan before 01/05/2021 for all participants.
    (pay attention to periods that may vary slightly from year to year).
  • The standard cancellation rules remain applicable.
  • The discount amounts to €20 per registered person and the other financial advantages also remain applicable.

JEKA cooks                 
+ €35 p.p.

A team of JEKA cooks who prepare your meals with care and love. They also take care of the maintenance of the kitchen and the dining room.

Additional insurance «WDR Assistance»
€ 10 p.p

  • The WDR-Assistance is a comprehensive supplementary insurance with broad coverage for JEKA participants. This insurance has to be taken out for the whole group and is not available for individuals. The complete policy will be sent to you with your booking confirmation.
  • Coverage :
      • 14 days validity
      • Illness and disability € 6 200
      • Death € 2 500
      • Permanent disability € 12 500
      • Civil liability :
          • bodily injury: € 1 200 000
          • property damage: € 125 000
  • For more information, please contact the insurance office : 
    WDR & Partners nv,
    Grote Baan, 225
    1620 Drogenbos.

    Tel : 02/ 333 82 82




Days Departure Return Price p.p.







The Danube Bend, also called the Danube Loop, is a 90-degree bend in the Danube River north of Budapest. This green and hilly region stretches from Esztergom to Budapest via Viségrad. It is one of the most popular regions of Hungary, nicknamed the Queen of the Danube.  

Our accommodations are located in the area of Viségrad, which was once the medieval royal seat, and which offers a wide range of recreational and sports activities. You will also discover beautiful landscapes, flanked by medieval fortresses. Nature has remained unspoiled and sports enthusiasts will not be disappointed.  A visit to the Hungarian capital Budapest is certainly not to be missed. 

In short, a perfect mix between nature, cultural heritage and fun activities, what more could you ask for?