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FLEX Destination


To see on the pages of the corresponding countries

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To see on the pages of the corresponding countries

- A FIXED PRICE (as low as possible) that allows you to go to one of our 4 YouCook destinations (Austria / Spain / Czech Republic / Hungary-Visegrad)

- You determine a period, longer than the standard offer, in which you wish to leave.

- This flexibility allows JEKA to offer you the lowest price on one of the destinations concerned.

- JEKA will inform you of the period and destination of your stay by 30/04/year of departure at the latest.

  1. The group consists of min. 15 and max. 45 persons.

  2. Possibility of reservation from 30/10/year before departure.

  3. Obligation to choose at least 1 period.

  4. The details of the trip and the accommodation will be communicated later on 30/04/year of departure.

  5. All other benefits are not applicable or cumulative with this offer.

  6. Limited offer: Max. 3 weeks after your request you will know if the reservation has been accepted.

  7. No savings plan possibilities

Prices and periods(*)

(*) JEKA guarantees a 10 to 12 day camp within the chosen period. The exact duration and departure times vary depending on the destination available.


Days Departure Return Price p.p.
Thu 30/06 Sun 24/07 € 299
Mon 18/07 Mon 08/08 € 299
Thu 04/08 Mon 29/08 € 299


Days Departure Return Price p.p.