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Hungary - Balaton - Janos


de 15 à 123 personnes


Large terrace and garden
Free use of sports facilities such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, pingpong
Karaoke bar
Air conditioning, Wifi, multimedia room, meeting rooms
Rooms for 3 to 4 people with private sanitary facilities
Rooms for 2 people with shared sanitary facilities (male/female sanitary facilities per floor) 

500m from the beach


floor 1 :

1x 1p  /  7x 2p  /  1x 3p  /  5x 4p

floor 2 :

7x 2p  /  2x 3p  /  5x 4p

floor 3 :

7x 2p  /  5x 4p  /  2x 3p