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JEKA means volunteers... and what volunteers!

They are the central link in our association to take care of the groups abroad. 



  • When?


    All tasks and jobs are available. From the beginning of the Christmas holidays until the end of the Easter holidays.


    All tasks and jobs are available in July and August.

    At the request of clients, as it cannot be predicted in advance which tasks will be requiered.




  • For whom?

    schools, associations, groups of friends and families

    schools, youth movements, associations, groups of friends, families

    schools, students, associations, groups of friends


  • Where?

    Austria (Tirol) France (Châtel)

    Austria (Tirol) France (Châtel)
    Spain (Montseny) Switzerland (Wallis)
    Czech Republic (Pilsen and Dobrichovice) Poland (Pomerania)
    Hungary (Visegrad and Balaton) Croatia (Istria)


  • Duration?


    Minimum 7 up to 14 days

    Minimum 9 up to 22 days


    Maximum 7 days

Find out more about the tasks


You will be in charge of : 

  • Purchasing food from local wholesalers and shops
  • Preparing deliveries for each accommodation
  • Delivering food to the homes
  • Managing the stock

You will be in charge of : 

  • Groups who do not wish to cook for themselves
  • Preparing 2 cold meals and 1 hot meal daily
  • Maintenance of the kitchen and sanitary facilities of the accommodation
  • A warm contact with the groups
  • Up to 29 people we expect 2 cooks, thereafter 1 extra for every 10 participants  

You are in charge of : 

  • General maintenance of all JEKA materials 
  • Refurbishment work in between seasons (painting, plumbing, repairs, renovations, ...) 
  • Removals to and from the various accommodations and destinations. 



You are in charge of : 

  • The daily telephone follow-up of the groups on site
  • A regular visit to the groups, in their accommodations or during an activity
  • The general well-being of the groups
  • Advising groups on activities and excursions
  • First contact person for the groups in case of illness, accident or other problems
  • Control and respect of the internal rules of the lodgings (cleaning, noise, etc) 
  • Fraternization with the local community
  • The assiduous maintenance of the various information on the region
  • Updating and permanent improvement of the offer on destination (accommodations, activities, excursions, ...) 

You are in charge of : 

  • The main contact person between the HQ in Asse-Belgium  and the destination abroad 
  • Daily follow-up and coaching of the volunteer teams at the destination 
  • Permanent follow-up with local partners
  • Composing the teams of volunteers for a specific period or for the whole season 
  • Complete management of the daily accounting at destination 
  • Administration (or delegation) on a daily, weekly or period basis 

This role can only be taken on by an experienced JEKA volunteer. In order to be able to coordinate everything perfectly, we ask you to first take on different volunteer roles and tasks in different years. 

You may be consulted for different tasks : 

  • Accompanying a group on their custom trip.
  • Monitoring and coordinating the various activities, local transfers and accommodations booked, during the trip.
  • Guiding a group to their destination, which you of course know like the back of your hand. 
  • Creating new trips, combinations of destinations, new formulas or activities based on your knowledge. 

Aren't they adorable...?