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Hungary - Balaton - Sporthotel


from 15 to 153 poeple


Large terrace and garden
Free use of sports facilities such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, pingpong
Karaoke bar
Air conditioning, Wifi, multimedia room, meeting rooms
Rooms for 3 to 4 people with private sanitary facilities
Rooms for 2 people with shared sanitary facilities (male/female sanitary facilities per floor) 

500m from the beach


floor 1 :

1x 1p  /  7x 2p  /  1x 3p  /  5x 4p

floor 2 :

7x 2p  /  2x 3p  /  5x 4p

floor 3 :

7x 2p  /  5x 4p  /  2x 3p